Commission A – Electromagnetic Metrology
Polish National Committee of URSI

The Commission promotes research and development in the field of measurement standards and physical constants, calibration and measurement methodologies, improved traceability, accuracy and reduced uncertainty and their comparison. It also promotes research and research and development activities in the field of developing measurement standards and improving the methodology of calibration and measurement of electromagnetic quantities. The chairman of Committee A of the Polish National Committee of URSI in the 2019-2022 term is  prof. dr hab. inż. Wojciech Skierucha.

Research and development works promoted by Commission A of URSI-Polska are carried out, among others, in Laboratory of Dielectric Spectroscopy the Institute of Agrophysics PAS, Lublin include:

  • development of methodology and hardware solutions for measuring the moisture content of porous materials, in particular soil, using techniques in the time and frequency domain,
  • standardization of methods and apparatus for electromagnetic measurement of soil moisture and materials of agricultural origin,
  • development of dielectric probes for broadband determination of the complex permittivity spectrum of heterogeneous materials,
  • development of a unique six-channel system of coaxial cells for the measurement of the complex permittivity spectrum of heterogeneous materials in the frequency range of 20 MHz – 3 GHz,
  • development of soil moisture and salinity sensors for point measurements and installation in ground monitoring stations,
  • systematic measurement and modeling of the dielectric spectrum of heterogeneous materials.
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